TEAM construct: two generations at your service

From the beginning of the 1980s, Guy Duchatel turned to the concept of “turnkey” houses that were proving increasingly attractive to future home-owners for obvious reasons of simplicity and cost. Despite intense competition, TEAM construct became a leading actor within this field.

In 1989, TEAM construct SA (limited liability company) was created. Today, with over 6,000 houses built, TEAM construct is a recognised reference in the residential construction sector. We are proud to count among our loyal customers, many families that, from one generation to the next, and including brothers and sisters… have entrusted the construction of their house to us.

TEAM construct: sustained growth

Our success and continuous growth saw the number of employees and workers increase from a handful at the beginning to almost 100 people today.

To support us, our partners and subcontractors employ several hundred professionals chosen for their dedication and professionalism. All of these people contribute to the perfect execution and completion of the works.

TEAM construct: a company built on solid foundations

Careful management and investments made using our own capital mean that TEAM Construct is financially very sound.
On 31 December 2008, the company’s capital amounted to over 6,000,000, enough to reassure the more nervous. A recent comparative study produced by the National Bank of Belgium shows that for the accounting and financial ratios examined, TEAM construct fares much better than the average of construction sector companies.

The challenges facing TEAM construct

The new requirements and regulations in terms of energy saving and respect for the environment make building more complex.
Within this rapidly changing framework TEAM construct did not choose the easy option, and instead decided to show its professionalism with a pioneering offer.

Thus, as early as 2005 TEAM construct became one of the rare, if not the only, builder to offer a heat recovery ventilation system as standard.

Today, we are going even further. We want to anticipate the legislation and offer houses with an exceptional insulation factor of up to K 32 on certain models.
It is our way of rewarding your trust and your loyalty by giving you a house that will still be in compliance with the standards for many years to come.

Your best guarantee for increasing the value of your estate