Since its creation, the fundamental objective of TEAM construct is to become a leading actor in the field of private housing.
Achieving this objective implies commitments to our customers and our partners.

Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

TEAM construct complies with the current laws and regulations regarding the sale and promotion of construction projects.

The entire satisfaction of our customers testifies to the quality of our products.

TEAM construct bases itself on best practice within the sector. In order to ensure a commercial approach that is transparent and honest to the consumer TEAM construct absolutely abstains from paying or encouraging fake bloggers, fake consumer reviews or fake profiles on Facebook or similar sites.

In terms of price and quality, we seek to provide the economically optimised solution while respecting our commitment to protecting the environment. This ability to create a personalised high-quality offer at the right price is a competitive advantage for TEAM construct. We pay the greatest attention to meeting our commitments, particularly in terms of quality, cost and deadlines,

We provide complete customer follow-up, providing personalised advice and assistance to each customer at all stages of the process. That is what sets us apart.

Respect of the environment.

TEAM construct is particularly attentive to environmental protection issues and incorporates this active approach within its sustainable development policy.
We are also working to optimise the energy needed for building and using our houses.

For our personnel and employees.

We act to ensure the quality and safety of working conditions and to respect the private life of all our employees.
We undertake to pay them particular attention through the double (human and financial) recognition of their efforts,.
We ensure the optimum quality of their working environment.

Relations with partners and suppliers.

TEAM construct ensures that it honours the agreements made with all of its partners and suppliers, with which it maintains fair and honest relations.
Our employees undertake to manage situations arising from conflicts of interest and abstain from seeking or accepting personal benefits or significant gifts.