Every year, over 300 families entrust the construction of their new home to TEAM construct. Why did they choose TEAM construct ?

Experience and know-how

Over 6,000 houses built, many by our own teams that’s a serious guarantee.

Many of our customers trust us again, or have had TEAM construct recommended to them by family or friends.

TEAM construct is a family business with a human scale.

One contract, one contact

By opting for TEAM construct you have the comfort of dealing with a single contact who will be responsible for your project up to hand-over.

Our efficient after-sales department will then take over if necessary.

Financial strength

First of all, the prospective home-owner wants to be certain that the builder to whom he entrusts the construction of his house is competent and will not abandon the job before it is completed, or worse goes bankrupt during the site!

This is why an increasing number of prospective buyers are looking for a reliable and efficient contractor, whose financial strength will be a guarantee of reliability and ensure peace of mind for the future. A builder who doesn’t risk to disappear before the end of the ten-year guarantee period.

Meeting deadlines

TEAM construct prides itself on delivering on time, 98% of its projects are handed-over within the contractual deadlines. The contract is drawn-up in accordance with the requirements of the Breyne Act and makes provision for provisional acceptance, compensation for late completion, and payment by progress-related instalments.

Price transparency

You can see from our rates that we seek to provide objective information on prices.

Our prices include: VAT, coordination and safety fees, the estimated architect’s fees, the production of a specific energy balance for each project.

To avoid any nasty surprises, the cost of the site investigation and stability analysis are also included in our prices.

Exceptional value for money

While complying with the basic principles of tradition and professionalism that are their hallmark, TEAM construct houses offer you one of the best values for money in the country. Our range of houses is designed to meet your needs both in terms of design and of price.

They provide comfort and quality of life, innovation and low energy consumption, all in a spirit of environmental sustainability.

TEAM construct is a member :

  • Of the Centre Scientifique de la Construction (Construction industry scientific centre)
  • Of the National Building Confederation
  • Of the Charter La Charte des Constructeurs de Logements