Already in 2005 TEAM construct was the only pioneering contractor to provide energy-recovery ventilation as standard on all its buildings! Today, Team construct goes even further. In addition to the traditional equipment…

For greater energy savings and more respect for the environment.
To preserve the value of your property, Team construct offers a much higher level of energy performance than current standards.

This is what you get with each Team construct house
Exceptional insulation: a very low K value: (for some models, the K value = K 32, based on the EPB report

Architecture Comfort and quality of life
Architecture Comfort and quality of life

High quality architectural design. Living spaces designed down to the last detail.
Great scope for customisation.
Choose an ultra-economical house with an unbeatable level of habitability and thermal comfort. A warm house, free of r-toxic products, where the quality of the constantly renewed air guarantees a healthy environment, natural well-being and harmony for the whole family.
A rainwater tank of minimum 5000 litres capacity is provided in each TEAM construct villa.

Efficient overall insulation
Efficient overall insulation

For an intelligent answer to the need to preserve the environment while achieving energy savings, we take particular care to ensure a high quality of insulation throughout the entire building envelope.

Ground slab: 9.5cm thick polystyrene insulation
Walls: clay bricks + 7.5 of mineral wool + insulating clay blocks
Roof: minimum 18 cm thick mineral wool
Windows: super insulating, K value = 1.1
Garage door: sectional door with polyurethane insulation.

Energy recovery ventilator
Energy recovery ventilator with over 90% heat recovery

Achieve significant energy savings while looking after your health.
The quality of the air in the rooms is very important for human health as we spend almost 90% of our time indoors.
Continuous ventilation is the only effective means of creating a healthy internal environment!
Breath clean, pollen-free air and recover over 90% of energy.
Increasing numbers of people (currently one in three people) suffer from allergies. An efficient filtration system avoids up to 95% of pollen and dust particles from entering the home.

Condensing boiler
Condensing boiler

Because we cannot conceive having an inefficient heating system, we provide a condensing boiler as standard.
Our condensing boilers offer an efficiency of 109% and save 20% of energy compared to a traditional boiler.

Installation of photovoltaic panels
Installation of photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels have become an unavoidable reality. With the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, you produce all or part of your electricity consumption. The principle is very simple. In a plotovoltaic solar cell, light is transformed into electricity. The amount of current produced by a cell depends on the amount of light, direct or indirect, reaching it. And it depends on the time of the day and the season. The sun doen not necessarily have to shine with all its rays; a little sunlight is enough to generate electricity. The basic installation includes 8 Germand braded 230 volts photovoltaic panels.

A 100% traditional house
A 100% traditional house

Of course, each of our TEAM construct houses adheres to the fundamental principles of tradition and professionalism that are TEAM construct’s hallmark.
Built brick-by-brick using materials chosen for their quality and durability, our houses guarantee a sound investment that will benefit several generations.

Experience and know-how
Experience and know-how

With over 5,000 houses built, including many by our own teams, and faithful customers who have trusted us for 30 years, you are dealing with a family business on which you can rely.