Impeccable organisation

The success of your project requires faultless organisation. The workers who will build your house are obviously irreplaceable, but it is equally essential that they have the support and management of an impeccable internal organisation.

The different trades are supported by over thirty administrative, technical, financial and sales staff.

Communication and follow-up

Effective communication with the customer, in a perfect understanding, and with the wish of meeting their requirements, are essential.

Communication is fundamental to the avoidance of unexpected problems during the initial architectural and engineering design stage, the choice of options and final construction.

Three hundred houses are built each year.

Know-how and experience

The Know-how and Experience of the different trades ensure that the works are perfectly executed on site.

Our site managers ensure compliance with the standards and deadlines.
Our engineers supervise all building services and structural design.

Our motto is: the pleasure of building.
Our concern: your satisfaction.

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