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Our houses

Our houses

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  1. Vignette
    Price: 197.757 € excl. taxes
  2. Miniatuurvoorbeeld
    Price: 201.863 € excl. taxes
  3. Miniatuurvoorbeeld
    Price: 227.691 € excl. taxes
  4. Miniatuurvoorbeeld


    Price: 235.426 € excl. taxes
  5. Miniatuurvoorbeeld
    Two columns supporting a masonry portico further strengthen the architecture of the façade while creating an entrance with plenty of character. This exterior, with its timeless elegance, opens onto a spacious and bright interior. The limits of the very large living room appear to extend into the garden, which becomes the logical extension of the living areas. This spacious interior, opening onto the outside, will allow you to give free reign to your desires and imagination when deciding how you want to furnish it.
    Price: 282.643 € excl. taxes
  6. Vignette
    Villa of the future! The Villa Bahamas is the first to be fitted as standard with the Max.isol pack
    It's an eco-friendly, energy effecting house, that is resolutely turned towards the future.
    Behind its slender, noble facades and its natural stone porch, hides a genuine revolution in the manner of designing and building the houses of the future. The elegance of the facades, the vast, harmonious volumes looking out over the garden and its exceptional insulation make the Villa BAHAMAS a villa of the future and a perfect investment.
    Number of rooms
    3-4 rooms
    Price: 286.155 € excl. taxes
  7. Thumbnail
    Price: 291.782 € excl. taxes
  8. Vignette
    Price: 295.496 € excl. taxes
  9. Thumbnail


    Price: 350.146 € excl. taxes