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Your tailor-made house

Our Sales Adviser is the first person with whom you will deal: his competency, his "availability" and kindness will exceed all your expectations.

Attentive to all your questions, he will help you to better define your choice, by providing guidance and advice, and being entirely available at all stages of your project, from the choice of the plot of land to the completion of your project. The realisation of your project...

Following a presentation meeting, the sales adviser will transcribe your needs, your ideas and your requirements, based on a model from our catalogue or your own design. An initial scheme design will then be produced The price will be calculated

Once approved, the scheme design can still be altered or extended without restriction right up until the final drawings are produced.

A computerised 3-D view will then be generated allowing you to view your house within your plot of land. You can also test your choice of colour for the bricks, tiles and external joinery, etc.

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