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Energy bonuses

Energy bonuses

Recent events have shown us how much energy has become a major social and public-health issue.

It must be realised that the cost of energy consumption will rise. By choosing a TEAM construct house, you will control your energy consumption.
The regions provide incentives in the form of bonuses.

Various bonuses are currently available, principally covering:

  • The insulation of the building envelope: the roof, the walls and the floors.*
  • The placing of super-insulating glazing.*
  • Heat-recovery ventilation systems.*
  • The installation of a condensing boiler.*
  • An energy audit.*
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels.

(*) Provided in TEAM construct houses.

The bonuses vary between regions.

In addition to the bonuses, it is also possible to obtain tax deductions.

Our advisers will be happy to provide information. You can also obtain information from the following sites:

Flemish region

Walloon region

Brussels region