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Energy savings

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Max.isol K19 pack+

Very low energy house = Max.isol K19 pack*

With a record value of k19 TEAM CONSTRUCT offers you the most energy-efficient traditional houses on the market!!

All the advantages of traditional construction and all the advantages of a Scandinavian house within the same building!

Greatly reduced consumption with the Max.isol pack

In addition to all the fittings already provided in the general specification, the optional Max.isol pack also offers:

  • Higher wall insulation
  • Higher roof insulation
  • Double floor slab insulation
  • High performance door and window frames
  • Super-insulating triple glazing
  • A foam glass thermal break

A highly cost-effective investment

An investment in your day-to-day comfort. No need to worry when turning on your heating. Lets you take full advantage of your home all year around. Don't forget that a house with a high thermal inertia retains its heat in Winter and also remains cool in Summer.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Building a house today that will still meet the standards in 40 years' time is the guarantee of a good investment. Belgian and European standards are becoming increasingly restrictive. An energy diagnosis is already a reality when re-selling a house.

Soon, a house will have to be brought into compliance when it is resold, which will greatly affect the selling price. Increased energy costs will lead to increased demand for houses fitted with the Max.Isol pack.

* Optional Max.isol pack. Included in the BAHAMAS model.
K 19 value = Calculations performed on basic LINEA and BAHAMAS models.

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Passive house

A passive house in a cast in situ concrete shell for an uncompromising quality.

Each passive house built by Team Construct is analysed in depth from the earliest design stage. The special architectural features, comfort requirements and orientation, as well as the specific features of the site are all taken into account.

Team Construct is one of the few contractors to offer cast in situ concrete walls. This is a technique in which Team Construct has great experience. The main advantages of the technique are: Maximum thermal inertia and air tightness, together with an equivalent living comfort to a traditional house.

In a passive house with a low thermal inertia (e.g.: timer frame construction), the building immediately cools whenever a door or window is opened. The renewed inside air must be heated to compensate for the lost heat and restore a comfortable temperature.
In a Team Construct passive house with a high thermal inertia in the walls, the heat is restored quickly.

Water leaks, flooding, excessive condensation, ground settlement, etc. are not a concern with your Team Construct and its cast in situ concrete shell. Your walls don't risk to warp or buckle, the air tightness and insulation are maintained.

With 20 years' experience of saving energy, Team Construct proposes to build your passive house in collaboration with the biggest names in building technology and materials.

Do you need further information on our passive houses?
The heating energy specialists in our design office are there to help you develop and realise your project.

For further information:

The K-value indicates the overall level of insulation of the building envelope (wall, roof, floor, <windows, etc.). The lower this value, the better the level of insulation.

The E-level gives an idea of the building's total energy consumption. The lower this value, the lower the building's heating needs will be. The E-level is calculated on the basis of different criteria: insulation, leak-tightness, hot water production, heating, comfort in Summer, renewable energy source, compactness, use of solar energy and ventilation.

The U-value, expressed in W/m²K, represents the thermal transmission coefficient of a construction element (window, roof, wall, floor, etc.). The lower a component's U-value the smaller the amount of heat that is lost via that component.

The annual consumption of a house is expressed in kWh/m²year and represents the energy needed to heat your house per unit area of heated floor.

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